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About us


GAINKIT.COM – is a global marketplace for gamers, the unique point - letting gamers get free games, PINs, in-game dota2, CSGO, PUBG skins and items and many others digital goods. You either buy it using several traditional payment options like credit cards, PayPal, wallets, bankings etc nor get it FREE. In order to get it FREE, you should complete some tasks at, we've integrated thousands offers which allows you to gain virtual currency (Gainkit Gold) by filling surveys, watching video ADs, Playing mobile games, and many others.

The number of offers depends on your geolocation, device (web/mob), language. For example, USA gamers could earn up to 500$ per day since they have many offers for USA location, Chinese gamers might earn 5-10$/day since there are not so many offers presented for CN location.

What I would recommend you is to definitely to try yourself at Gainkit, who knows, you might find this a place as your permanent money stream.
Hope so :)

How to start?

You should authorize via Steam, go to GAIN GOLD section, find out and complete simple cheap offer, that would help you to understand how to get virtual Gainkit gold, which could be withdrawal in many ways.

ATM we're offering next withdrawal flows:

  • in-game CSGO skins
  • in-game DOTA2 items
  • in-game PUBG weapons
  • Prepaid and gift cards, many of them
  • Purchase of steam digital games

We're able to withdraw it in way more different ways, like Bitcoins, WMZ, PayPal, etc.
But we made this exchanges in a personal way and not for a small amount of money.
We're open for discussion for this and others opportunities, drop us an e-mail to

p.s. Every day we're adding thousands of new offers, and closing hundreds of old offers, so best way to track your opportunity out, is to visit our daily basis. You can also use different devices like iOS, Win, Android to get more offers.

Let's free digital content be here,
Gainkit team


How it works?