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How does Gainikt work?

We offer our members multiple ways to earn virtual currency (Gold).
Gold can be later withdrawn for a wide variety of digital goods at Gainkit marketplace.

Are multiple accounts allowed?

It is forbidden to use more than one account on GAINKIT no matter what is the purpose.

Why do you have to register?

In order to earn Gold and withdraw it, you will need to register an account.
This allows you to keep track of your earnings and receive your redemptions.
Currently, we're using Steam authorization service, because of high-level security and flexibility.

What is GOLD?

Gold is unique currency.
It can be earned in various ways and then withdraw for various items. There is no limit of earned/stored/withdraw.

How can I complete an offer?

The requirements to complete the offer are described in the offer itself.
Advertisers check your data. Users who provide incorrect data will not be awarded.
The advertiser may not credit you even if you complete the rest of the offer, be careful.

What is “Offers”?

Offers, specially selected for you by the Gainkit team day-by-day.

How many times can I complete an offer?

Some offers are once, some are unlimited.

I completed an offer and didn’t receive Gold?

Check it out. Most of the offers take max 15-30 minutes to credit, get patience.
If the problem continues please contact us through the ticket system, we'll contact advertiser and check the status.
Here is a quick link for your Support

Referral system?

You may find your referral link here: Settings
If you're a webmaster, please contact us directly, we'll offer a more convenient way for partnership.

How many store items can I get?

The answer is - Infinite number of store items.

When will I get withdrawal?

The answer is - Immediately.

Are proxy IPs allowed?

We'd not recommend you to use it out since Advertisers might be blocking your IP/PC Fingerprint permanently.

How to earn Gainkit currency?

To earn the currency go to the Offers tab in the menu, choose one of the tasks and complete it by pressing the “complete” button.
You will be paid out according to the offer terms.

Is this legit?

Yes, it is.

Is Gainkit safe?

Absolutely. There is “0” risk for currency miners to be hacked and/or lose their earnings since we’re using Steam OAuth API for authorization.
You can buy items on Gainkit marketplace safely, guaranteed.

Currency exchange rate?

Currency exchange rate is '1 Gold / 0.01 USD'.
Below you will find a simplified structure:

  • 500 Gold = 5$
  • 1000 Gold = 10$
  • 2000 Gold = 20$
  • 3000 Gold = 30$

How can I deposit money to buy items?

You can top-up your virtual wallet via more than 60+ payment options in more than 120 Countries all around the world.

Where do I find my Steam Trade URL?

  1. Visit this link: Steam Privacy Settings
  2. Scroll to the bottom and look under Third-Party Sites


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