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Justine/Justice: and you can see there how can you get golds

Harona: Hi, I couldn't trade the item i had already bought. why ?


CS.MONEY: i made a new vid abour the website


CS.MONEY: help me for some views ant thanks

AlphaQ: orders not processed :?

lawcsgohandouts.comCSGO500: hey

lawcsgohandouts.comCSGO500: why i cant whitdraw ?

lawcsgohandouts.comCSGO500: hello is somebody here ?

lawcsgohandouts.comCSGO500: hello why im not allowed to buy items ?? wtfQ:P

Reef I'm not allowed to buy. Please help

lawcsgohandouts.comCSGO500: me 2 pls help us :x

§§§§: pls click it will help me a lot

§§§§: pls click it it will help me a lot

†d!E†: hey

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†d!E†: sdjoawfaw

†d!E†: sdjiahwfawh

†d!E†: awfhjsahfwa

†d!E†: fsajkhgwagi

†d!E†: adhjkaghfwia

†d!E†: dfnajkwgfaw

†d!E†: fnksjahfkalw

†d!E†: ]yfawf

†d!E†: kfopawjga

†d!E†: dajwitgfa;w

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†d!E†: klajw;d

†d!E†: altfpawjl

†d!E†: fia;wjf

†d!E†: dadwa

⚜BigsBull⚜: there is a problem, I can not buy SSG 08 | Dark Water (Field-Tested)

⚜BigsBull⚜: can not buy anything skin

⚜BigsBull⚜: can not buy anything skin

⚜BigsBull⚜: scam site

lawcsgohandouts.comCSGO500: Hello why i can not buy skins im not allowed wtf ?

lawcsgohandouts.comCSGO500: Is this site actually down ?

road 4k: my order 1/3 for 3 hours :(

CSGO500 | haha

Crazy_Biatcha: sup

lawcsgohandouts.comCSGO500: Hello can someone help me ? Or support pls write me back ;/

Born to Carry @lawcsgohandouts.comcsgo500 me too......

Born to Carry !points

Born to Carry i think it's just scamm

Born to Carry d

Born to Carry scamm gg

Afk Forever: can't earn gold tried thousands of time but still not working

Born to Carry i earned 2.5k

Born to Carry so 25$

Born to Carry but can't withdraw, and i completed legit offers

Born to Carry i got 2000 from swagbucks and swagbucks is legit

Afk Forever: but I cant

Afk Forever: fuck it says I have received 12 and 6 golds and 0 in the balance

lawcsgohandouts.comCSGO500: Yeah i dont get a answer from support i think scam to i maid legit offers to :c 45$ bht cant withdraw

[FDL]_XeroX¡!GoodLike: That has to asser my referrals and how can I get them to send a complete registration 1 offer but nothing ?? Please someone

As1gE: Check Mail Admin :)

AlphaQ: hello

AlphaQ: I've made abt 7 dollars from this site

AlphaQ: definitely not a scam site :)

Born to Carry why

Born to Carry i think this site only works for dota players

lawcsgohandouts.comCSGO500: But i cant withdraw its stays im not allowed to buy items earn and other ia working but why i cant buy something alpha q

Born to Carry schon traurig, wenn die seite nicht geht

Born to Carry bei mir ists so: you'rr not allowed.... beim withdrawen von

CS.MONEY: yeah admin plz chack mail

Burton: check emails please !

Josh: why can't i view all the offers

Justine/Justice: learn how to read guys. "In case you have any questions about pending offer or items delivery please contact us via with your nick or orderid. Support is " NOT PROVIDED" by chat.

rizingeagles: earn money by watching ads for free. check it out:

lawcsgohandouts.comCSGO500: ja born ich hab aufjedenfall heute ne antwort bekommen mal sehen ob ich dann gleich withdrawen kann xD

hagravens: "Youre not allowed to buy items" - and i have no chargebacks or something. Wow.

Born to Carry ja ich auch, er braucht aber ne support ID , wo find ich sie

Born to Carry also meine skins sollten in 4 stunden ung. kommen

road 4k: 25122 2017-02-19 15:28:33 Artificer's Hammer 19.73 ₲ In progress 1/3 help me pls

Josh i can't see all the offers the offer wall doesn't have a scroll menu

Justine/Justice: In case you have any questions about pending offer or items delivery please contact us via with your nick or orderid. Support is not provided by chat.

Justine/Justice: learn how to read

raphael beta version....

raphael admin check mail <3

Burton: I've completed like 10+ surveys and not even one rewarded. Until today i hasn't any problem, 4-700 coins a day.

Sweuby: 75% of offer dont reward me

▐ ▐ malaDICKtion ▐ ▐: how can i get items?

ks lord: I cant my order

JustWatch: Sa

JustWatch: Sa

raphael admin is busy

As1gE: Alex Check mail ;)

Josh: deez skins aren't sending

rizingeagles: hi everyone, watch ads (us, uk, australia & canada only) while playing Dota, earn bitcoins & withdraw instantly

Josh: been 2 hours and still no skin rip

Josh: Says bot made offer but it's not there

Josh: Nvm got it

Josh: Nvm got it

raphael emm ok? why does it take song long ? he still didn't check my e-mail

SingSongDingDongPingPongKingKong: 90% of offers are fake. Completed them them and nothing happend! BEST OFFERS ARE AT PERSONA.LY --> instat rewrad/easy! Others are shit

raphael lol i earned 2000 from swagbucks gg

raphael and free on trialpay

Harrison37 ive done 4 offers and got nothing wtf

raphael admin lol is he dead ? because he doesn't check mails

In case you have any questions about pending offer or items delivery please contact us via with your nick or orderid. Support is not provided by chat.

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