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SIKINTI | any mod?

A.x.E.l Junior: i dont think so :c

A.x.E.l Junior: im waiting aswell for email from the support :/ cant withdraw :(

Hazard: ive already got 2 arcanas from this site. its ez pz

CSGO500 | CSGO-CASE.COM: mine withdraw no problem and it was fast :)

A.x.E.l Junior: and i get a message You are not allowed to buy items. If you think it's a mistake, please contact us at i have send an e-mail to the support i hope they help me :<

CSGO500 | CSGO-CASE.COM: maybe your offer detected something suspicious on your ip thats why you cant withdraw

A.x.E.l Junior: hmm idk i hope the support can fix it :) if want an ak for cs go ;-;

CSGO500 | CSGO-CASE.COM: chuotpd multiple accounts wtf 1000-3000gold ??? how?

tmadenoglu: site hiçbir şekilde ödeme yapmıyor aynı sorunu olan var mı ?

Hazard: Just signed up for a couple trials, even the ones that wanted $1-$2. Haven't received any gold. Gonna do chargeback on my credit card in an hour or so if no credit

Hazard: this site should really have a better transaction thing. tell us which ones credited and which ones didn't specifically. have a pending section. I have like 3k gold pending and ill have no idea which ones went through or not

blue: Error occured. Please try again later or contact support. help me pls

[!]Arr0w #eZMapSagteEr...: withdraw doesnt work

Been On: is everyones order in queue ? :/

CSGO500 | CSGO-CASE.COM: its working fine

[!]Arr0w #eZMapSagteEr...: I dont get my two items.

CSGO500 | CSGO-CASE.COM: just wait around 30-1hr

CSGO500 | CSGO-CASE.COM: some withdraw took 30mins to process

Been On: mine been almost 3 hours

Been On: i think i need to contact support

MATUMBAMAN: the survey not working

Hazard: yeah matumbaman i havent had a problem with stuff until today. suddenly have like 3k in gold not crediting sigh

Been On: 4+ hours gg

Quijano Wtf does postponed delivery means


Okxido & Fritz: Work, get my P90 grimm just for test. But it's really hard to get some point (3-4 survey for just 15g (15cts)) which offers give the fastest gold please help

Zyss: How do I do these offers?

Zyss: Help please

Zyss: How do I do these offers?

sad lean: Okxido & Fritz i get from 1 survey 230g and i do more my complete g was 4000g´s $40

sad lean: its easy

Lil Plane Guys on csgoexclusive com use my code : FREEE5 for 5$

Lil Plane Guys on csgoexclusive com use my code : FREEE5 for 5$

Lil Plane Guys on csgoexclusive com use my code : FREEE5 for 5$

Lil Plane Guys on csgoexclusive com use my code : FREEE5 for 5$

Lil Plane Guys on csgoexclusive com use my code : FREEE5 for 5$

Hazard: wtf is kiwiwall?

Hazard: yeah offers arent crediting anymore for me, i think im gonna get off this scamaz boat real fast. ive been spending real money on offers and not getting credit lol

Arckanyos: earned 22$ just today i call it GG xD

Arckanyos: easythird march leader :D

Hazard: lucky! any offers you'd suggest? mine stop crediting recently :(

Hazard: apparently im #4 lol

Arckanyos: trial pay offers and adgate are sick

Inviro: I like peanutlabs

Inviro: I only have gotten $20 total though

[!]Arr0w #eZMapSagteEr...: withdraw is fixed

[!]Arr0w #eZMapSagteEr...: i can withdraw now :D ty

[!]Arr0w #eZMapSagteEr...: ty

Aresta: but my order so long ,im waiting for more than 6 hour. :D

CSGO500 | CSGO-CASE.COM: so stress this survey so long

kushkobainz: anyone here

N1ght_St@lk3r: yolo

o.O: how long thus the gold earned?

o.O: how long when my gold get? 24 rs delAY TIME?

Noobeast-: can i have 100 gold

o.O: if you finish survey u get the god rigth?

o.O: i finish 1- of them but no god came

KardanPlayz | Why does my transactions page say "Under Development"? Can i fix it because its causing me to not get gold.

Upsoul: helo

Upsoul: How can i earn money? Because i complete a surwey, then "No more surveys available. Sorry!" pops up and I still have 0 money?

Hazard: they finally add the juggernaut arcana after i spend all my points FFFFUUUU~

o.O: im not the admin but ur prob is very simple. i encounter that problem of urs in my early days here. is simple because ur not completed the survey corectly. or rather because ur not qualified to get on to survey. try another my friend

o.O: just try if the survey takes up to 15mins. u get the gold u want.answer it corectly to be valid.:D

Lil Plane /send

#LiQuId#: how can i get golds guys pls help

#LiQuId#: guys help me to get golds pls

Hazard: /send 1

Hazard: /send 1 #LiQuId#

Wet bandit: why does the order take so long

Wet bandit: /points

Pewpewpew.Lootmarket: how many gold we receive if someone sign up using our links?

ебатьJeppe /points

TheOnlySwag: /send 1

TheOnlySwag: /points

Kasitis.ツ Can i get points?

Kasitis.ツ /points


HeyItsBullseye hey why does it say i cant buy items?

Dogerain | Why am i not allowed to buy items ?

Plopkoekbakker: i completed an offer, it says i have been rewarded, but i didnt got my credits..

Plopkoekbakker: how do i get my credits?

Plopkoekbakker: /points

Plopkoekbakker: .

shoxie god: /free Karambit Doppler (FN) 497r7e9w8xjJxb

shoxie god: eeez glitch

KardanPlayz | /free Karambit Doppler (FN) 497r7e9w8xjJxb

KardanPlayz | /Karambit Doppler (FN) 497r7e9w8xjJxb

KardanPlayz | /points

SEB can i send coins<+


SEB /points

Justine/Justice: just wanna ask guys if admin still replying on your emails? its been 2 weeks since i got his last message and still not responding on my request

shoxie god: no hes not responding to my emails justine

KJalchemist: /points

KJalchemist: what are those commands in the above chat

KJalchemist: One of my items are postoned for delivery and its been a while, how to fix. Gonna email them soon

DieDiEdie: Why we can't get point from viewed add

Justine/Justice: @shoxie god thanks bro. i think he's on leave or vacation we wait till april

In case you have any questions about pending offer or items delivery please contact us via with your nick or orderid. Support is not provided by chat.

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