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GabGwapzXD: hello

bokicsgox: g

๋||-'мαjeѕтιc'-||: damn

๋||-'мαjeѕтιc'-||: This website is fake

bokicsgox: h

Timtastic is this legit in withdraw?

Lelouch :) csgo500: ive been waiting for like a month and my stuff is still 3/3

Lars when is admins sending stuff?

GIBBEH: Just be patient

GIBBEH: I withdrawed like 4 things and got them atx1998: damn atx1998: im so poor i want skins :**(((

pete: my item has been stuck on 1/3 all night what should i do?

Admin: Hi Dudes, we've a troubles with delivery on this weekends, howewer we'll try to deliver as much items s we can, in case we will not be able to do deliver all items today or tomorrow, for sure you'll receive all items Monday. Alex

Admin: You always can check status of your order contacting us at

I'm Bad: the offers don't reflect on my balance

[S4WDUST]KROCK the offer i just completed isnt showing up in my history for the offer page i completed it through, ive noticed its been doing that for a couple of my offers

[S4WDUST]KROCK none of my messages are appearing 0.0


-Punisher-: 1/3 Can you send me?

-Punisher-: hello? Hello? Why does it say I can't withdraw

FalcoN |: Lol

SyRiAn HaCkEr: admin i know u r doing your best but can you please send the key cuz im waiting for it for a great trade deal so please send it and thank you

[S4WDUST]KROCK be coo if site had more bots so it would go faster and like, the bots were stocked like gambling sites and such

[S4WDUST]KROCK be cool if the prices were accurate :(

SyRiAn HaCkEr: thanks admin alot

SyRiAn HaCkEr: thanks alot admin

[S4WDUST]KROCK hopefully my skan comes before a price decline, last time ordered an emerald and it came the next day, was $9 then dropped to $7

[S4WDUST]KROCK *scar-20 emerald

[S4WDUST]KROCK couple minutes till i hit that 4hour mark

[S4WDUST]KROCK FUCK the price of the caiman ST MW was $17 now its $14 FUCK..and yet again it strikes

[S4WDUST]KROCK from $17 to $14 in like 3 hours and it cost me 1900+ gold, the price was inaccurate -.-

-Punisher-: ID:18813 send please

[S4WDUST]KROCK id:18848 send before another price drop(even though the price on here was inaccurate in the first place)

Joke..Ra..Gali:DD: gusy

Joke..Ra..Gali:DD: guys

Joke..Ra..Gali:DD: how to add gold

-Punisher-: 18931 could you send?

PandaBlur hey alex check your email. same with anyone with the support email

SwePro is this site down?

SwePro hello?

Timtastic gg

Timtastic wait like 3 days for my offer

Timtastic nice site "4hours"

SwePro is the site down?

OxyTiger: my skin has been stuck on 1/3 for the LAST 24HOURS FML

Mr.LongDong: my skin isnt withdrawing

Lelouch :) csgo500: cpagrip doesent evan work lol

SwePro when i get?

[!]Arr0w #eZMapSagteEr...: i dont get money -_- 10 times i put my email my street adress and i accept email 10 times and i dont get this money -.-

SwePro What is happening to the site?

SwePro who is the admin?

[S4WDUST]KROCK from what they said all orders will be sent out today

SwePro WHen?

Admin: Hi there, Unfortunatelly we need 24 more hours to fix problem with items witdrawal, please keep calm. I'll announce when we finally fix the issue.

PandaBlur 24 hours T.T

THELEGEND31 does this site actually work

PandaBlur yes, but the admins are fixing something with the csgo withdrawl

PandaBlur it's currently not working and they are trying to solve it asap. the dota2 is still working

Your! Your!!!: any mods here?

Your! Your!!!: or admins

GIBBEH | CSGO500: Admin check the support email for

Triv I'm the one they call Big Papa

Secret Love: why i cant fuking get my points after following all insturction?

[S4WDUST]KROCK rip dota withdrawls too

PandaBlur to everyone asking questions about the withdrawls and asking for mods/admins. withdrawls are down because of an issue with the bots and its very rarely to see the admin on in the community

-Punisher-: for sure you'll receive all items Monday. Alex Thanks for helping!

SwePro When Can i buy things?!?

Admin: Hi dudes, good news for ALL of us. Now skins withdrawal works correctly, yo can order you skins, BOTs are OK now. Thanks for staying with us <3

SwePro When Can i buy then?

Admin: now both dota2 and csgo withdrawals works fine

[S4WDUST]KROCK it wont allow me to buy the items though :( says theyre unavailable temporarly

SwePro Same here

SwePro Admin, When Can i buy items?

PandaBlur withdrawls still locked @admin

SwePro when will it work?

SwePro ??

SwePro when will it work?

SwePro ops sry writing it twice

SwePro it works:D

Admin: works finally

Admin: releases might take up to 15-20mins :d

PandaBlur thanks!

god where is my skin

PandaBlur be patient

PandaBlur it takes up to 4 hours for your skin to get traded to you

Endlich✅: öpö

Lelouch :) csgo500: it says i cant buy anything lol

Lelouch :) csgo500: am i banned?

pain: completed survey but dint get gold

✪ EnriqeZ | me too pain

✪ EnriqeZ | Completed few surverys but no money

GIBBEH | Admin check your email

✪ BoneBreaker: I completed the amazon offer with the silver thing but still didnt get any credits

✪ BoneBreaker: Is this site a scam?

Carry: Nope, check your offers status on network page

Carry: this site legit

MrHolyChicken why cant i withdraw on gainkit says im not allowed to buy items when i have 2300 Gold

In case you have any questions about pending offer or items delivery please contact us via with your nick or orderid. Support is not provided by chat.

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